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Ironglide is a Southern Rock n' Roll group from Nashville, TN. When it came time to release their first batch of songs, they came to me for an illustration that they could use on merchandise, CDs, a large flag, and even on the side of their touring van. We collaborated throughout the process, from brainstorming to the final touches, and ended up with a metallic-looking eagle that felt as if pulled right from the back a leather jacket or the side of a roadster's gas tank.

After lots of original songwriting and long hours on the road, Ironglide had established a strong and growing fanbase, and the group wanted a logo to identify themselves by. They also wanted a new, bigger, badder metal eagle for the cover of their WARRIOR EP. The old, flat iron eagle evolved into a living mechanical creature with gears and cogs and razor sharp feathers.

The Ironglide logo solution is a heavy, stamp-like "rock n' roll monogram" that embodies and adds to the band's rough, rugged aesthetic while remaining clear, simple, and functional across all different kinds of merch and media.

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