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Campfire Jam Session


Wow, you're really exploring this site thoroughly. You've discovered a hidden page!

We aren't sharing this animation prominently as a featured project or "recent work" because the illustration and art direction are not our own – both were provided by the Motion Design School as a part of a course on Adobe After Effects tips and tricks.

What we DID do is bring this scene to life, from a static illustration to the lovely, whimsical animation you see before you. And we're stoked about it. LOOK AT ALL THE DETAIL. Did you notice the jumping fish? Or the shining (and shooting) stars? Do you see all the movement going on in the lights and shadows? Can you imagine the song these three characters are listening to as you watch them move together to the same beat?

Animation a newer skill/service addition for us and we do not have much client work to show for it (yet). Until we do, we hope this video gives you a good sense of what we're capable of.

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