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Live On The Green Music Festival 2019

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This was our second year working with Live On The Green, and we got to be a part of something that we're still a little giddy about: completely reinventing the visual brand of the festival.

In close collaboration with the producers of Live On The Green and the legend himself Andy Bird of Friendly Arctic, we formed what scholars shall refer to as "The Fellowship of the Green." Together with the Fellowship we helped design the festival's new look: something brighter, friendlier, and summer vibe-ier than years past that still felt big and epic and exciting. The image above is what we made first; the concept that set the tone and started it all.

Once we had that, it was up to Pen & Mug to take the new aesthetic and run with it to create all remaining print and digital marketing materials for the festival's 11th year.


across 2 stages


of live music

,000 FANS

avg. annual attendance
Live On The Green main logo
wide green landscape with colorful waves
photo of the Live On The Green main stage
Live On The Green sticker Live On The Green sticker pile
Live On The Green instagram animation
Grace Potter
Hilton Happy Hour promo graphic
All Access wristbands
Artist wristband on American Authors
Artist wristband on Wild Love
Artist wristband close up
Staff t-shirts
VIP wristband
All Access wristband
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Live On The Green 2019 lineup poster
Instageam story background graphic with park statue
Instageam story background graphic with chilling fest-goer
Instageam story background graphic with towers
Live On The Green awards won in 2018
With its 10th season recently completed, Live On The Green has grown from a niche neighborhood concert series into a music industry force, which draws thousands of fans, pumps millions of dollars into the downtown economy and alters album release strategies for record labels. – The Tennessean

The largest and most exciting project we accomplished for the 2019 season was creating Live On The Green's new made-from-scratch website. The previous site had many opportunities for functional improvements and needed a visual overhaul to align with the new brand aethetic. After some discussion with the client, we decided the best course of action was to blow the site up entirely and start fresh.

Beginning with a blank slate (and a pen and a mug), we reimagined the website's overall organization and experience. We then designed each page from header to footer, constructed the operational site, and created custom assets like icons, spot illustrations, and LOTG2019's iconic color waves. Then, when everything was quality-assured and ready to go, **ROCKET LAUNCHING SOUND.**  We also managed regular updates to the website during (the big one) the 2019 lineup announcement and throughout the run of the festival.

We have mockups of the site and a screenshot of our Adobe Xd workboard below for your viewing pleasure, but the best way to experience the new-and-improved liveonthegreen.com is to go click around it yourself. Go ahead, we'll wait right here.

Live On The Green (.com)
Live On The Green courthouse icon
liveonthegreen.com on a mobile device
custom illustration for VIP passes
custom illustration for backstage passes
custom illustration for summer music
Adobe Xd workboard in process of designing liveonthegreen.com
Illustrated festival map
3 days countdown graphic
2 days countdown graphic
1 day countdown graphic
day of countdown graphic
low VIP passes alert graphic
Photo of the crowds at Live On The Green from the nearby towers
Grace Potter
Wilder Woods
Live On The Green main stage looking epic and lit up at night


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