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JAN 2019

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I didn’t write a new article in December. I’d spread myself too thin throughout the month, and when it came down to the last moment I needed to choose between taking time to pull together a quick article or spending that time with my family.

The tough part to swallow is that if it had not been the holidays, and if I had not just recently been called out for this exact sort of pattern, I probably would have written an article without even thinking about it. Because in my head I “had to.”

I’m learning (slower than I’d like) that there is a difference between “keeping my commitments” and keeping up with every one of my goals and dreams and self-initiated side projects. No one is paying me or relying on me to write these articles. Writing is the “extra” right now; the “above and beyond.” When I skipped a month, the Earth didn’t stop turning. This email list didn’t even drop to zero. Nobody cared. If anything, many of you were probably glad to get one less email during the frenzy of December. And I got to spend that valuable time with my people.

We’re all busy, but many of our “need to dos” can be let go, or delegated, or shared, or postponed, or reimagined.

If you care to, check in with your own priorities. Look at the ranking through a long-term lens and ask yourself “why?” Maybe some of them need to be rearranged.

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