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AUG 2019

Pen & Mug


CreativeMornings is great. Austin explains a few reasons why.

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. That doesn’t just mean "artists" – it means anyone whose career and/or passion involves creating something. Writers, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and business owners of every kind, artisans, thinkers, speakers, etc. can all be found at a CreativeMornings event near you.

And odds are, there is a CreativeMornings event nearer to you than you might expect. These events take place monthly in 200+ cities worldwide, and counting.

The Nashville chapter in particular, (though I acknowledge my bias), has really got it going on. Every month the venue rotates, and a guest speaker takes the stage to talk about their life story, career, and what they’re working on now. 100-200 people gather from 8:30-10am to listen, to mingle, and to enjoy the coffee and snacks that local businesses provide. All of this is completely free to attendees, and made possible by the local sponsors and volunteer team.

It’s also worth noting that, (judging by the hand-raising that typically happens), a good 25% (-ish) of the crowd at each event are first-timers. The Nashville team leaders are actively trying to keep this trend alive and the chapter growing by welcoming and including more people of all kinds from every part of town.

It’s always a good time, and I always leave with at least one great nugget or exciting takeaway.

Sometimes, a new idea or pro-tip to try.

(CreativeMornings conversations and speaker presentations have taught me SO MUCH about how the heck to run/build a business, improve my creative process, and think about things differently.)

Sometimes, a coffee date scheduled with a potential collaborator or client.

(I got connected with Live On The Green through CreativeMornings, and at least three other amazing clients that have taken Pen & Mug to the next level.)

Sometimes, a free poster or book from that month’s speaker.

(Displayed proudly at my desk to this day.)

August 2019 will be the 30th CreativeMornings that I’ve attended. Some months are more my style than others, but my streak of leaving each event feeling like “I’m so glad I was here for this” remains an unbroken 100%. CreativeMornings is my favorite way to be plugged into the local creative community, and I cannot recommend it enough.

So... maybe see you at the next event?

Pen & Mug

(The opinions expressed in this letter are Austin’s and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of everyone else associated with Pen & Mug, even though Austin clearly has very excellent taste.)

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