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Pen & Mug

Game Plan 2021

Despite a lot (a LOT) of unexpected changes in the past year, the Pen & Mug squad still has a lot (seriously, a LOT) to be grateful for from 2020, and we’re looking forward to 2021 with bright eyes and a long list of new goals to pursue. A few quick ones off the top:

  • We’ll be designing and sharing a new food/beverage logo every week ALL YEAR on our Instagram account. Some very smart people have encouraged us to make and share the work we want to attract, and we’re looking forward to the practice and the play of this year-long challenge. Some of these logos will be real client work that you can see out in the world, and others are just figments of our imagination. All will be paired with a fun story.

  • We’ve found a few badass mentors who are helping us learn and grow in new ways so we can make sure we’re always improving and knocking our clients’ socks off every time.

  • We’re taking things up another notch in the web world to offer additional services, hosting and more. (s.o. "the man himself" Jeremy Davis and the lovely folks at Flywheel)

  • We're continuing to experiment and flex our own visual brand. (Have you noticed that we're starting to work in a new yellow accent color along with our beloved black white and brown? Click or hover over this link to see it in action. Oooooo. Ahhhh.)

  • Pandemic allowing, we’re going to get ourselves to a creative conference or two this year so we can see some of your faces again.

All that said, we wanted to let you know that we’re going to stop writing articles on a monthly cadence in order to free up more time and bandwidth for these other objectives. We’ll still write you here when we have something awesome and valuable to share, and we hope you’ll join us over on Instagram to follow our logo-a-week challenge and stay plugged into everything else we’re working on.

As always, THANK YOU for your support and community!

2021, here we come.

Pen (& Mug) Pals?