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Get In The Zone

Good music can energize, focus and motivate my mind better than anything else in the world. Even better than... **checks surroundings** Even better than caffeine.

When I’ve got things to do, music is rocket fuel. Music keeps me in the zone when I’m surrounded by distractions. Music makes my mundane actions feel heroic, and adds vibrance and energy to my routines. And in the evening, other music helps me set work aside and focus on rest or play.

This feels strangely vulnerable, but as we all head into a new week and a new month I wanted to share a Spotify playlist of my favorite "dancing at my desk" workday tunes.

There’s a variety of indie/alt rock/pop/rap/funk songs included, and I’ve tried to organize the list with a smooth-ish flow from top to bottom. You also can’t go wrong shuffling your way through – it’s all excellent stuff in my *expert* opinion.

I’d love to hear from you if you enjoy the playlist or discover a new song that you like, and PLEASE send me some song recommendations of a similar variety. I am always on the lookout for new music.

Happy Monday!

Pen & Mug

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