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Since 2015, this home-cooked brand has undergone a lot of growth and change. Here's a look at where we are today, and a few peeks back at where we've been.

Cubano font

default font

modified Cubano for final logo
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Barlow full font family
Barlow standard font sample
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A quick look back in time... and an example of how we revise, simplify, and refine logos and brand systems.

our original logo, a dreadful hand-drawn Pen & Mug

original logo (2015)
...yeowza... :/

our second generation logo

second gen. logo (2016-18)
upgrade to a bolder, cleaner,
more geometric look

our latest and greatest logo

CURRENT logo (2019)
simplified forms
unified line width

original Pen & Mug badge logo

badge logo (2017-18)

our new-and-improved badge logo

CURRENT badge logo (2019)

A brand is more than just a name and a logo; a brand is a promise. It's the full experience that a company provides, down to every detail. It's what a company claims to be and, perhaps even more so, it's what others say they are.

Here's what we're hearing from our clients and collaborators:

"When I came across Pen & Mug on Instagram, I knew right away he was the logo artist for our cafe. I loved his style, his design personality, and his general artistic vibes. I described to him what I had envisioned, and he brought everything to life! The experience exceeded all of our expectations! Everyday people tell us how much they love our logo, and we couldn't be happier with our choice to work with Pen & Mug!"

Katrina Yuille

Co-Founder, Sugar Fix Cafe

"Pen & Mug delivers. Period. On the creative side they're collaborative, imaginative, multi-talented, and unafraid to try new things. As a business they're prompt, organized, dependable, and super helpful. They're the kind of vendor you wish existed until you find out that they actually do!"

CJ Casciotta

Author, Media Producer, & Creator of Ringbeller

"Austin has distinguished himself among the very best designers we’ve had the pleasure to work with in nearly 5 years...but more importantly he’s just an open and friendly guy who really cares about producing good work."

Colin Pigott

Host, CreativeMornings Nashville

"The greatest design studio ever!"

Laura Schulenburg

Austin's Mom


In 2018 we opened the digital doors of our Online Shoppe! We have a small assortment of fun apparel and pins for sale, and plan to continue expanding our offerings.

Pen & Mug online shoppe illustration

We love to let our sense of humor show. Sometimes that means writing things like our about page, and sometimes it means creating a series of illustrations spoofing our own brand name...

a dapper pug wearing a suit and bowtie

"Men & Pug"

a pint of beer and a pen

"Pen & Pint"

a capped pen and travel mug

"Travel Pen & Mug"

a loading animation mug

"Pending Mug"

It's been an incredible journey so far, and there's a lot more to come! We can't wait to share it with you.

Pen & Mug est. 2015 badge


(We share an article monthly, plus online shoppe updates and special offers.)

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