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Ringbeller is an innovative series of video lessons that teach kids creativity & kindness. Each 5 minute video gives kids access to a remarkable leader using their imagination to make a difference, such as Seth Godin, Maneet Chahaun, Ira Glass, and many more.

The videos are hosted by Crumbaker and UNC, two reporters from the planet Ringbeller. We had the pleasure of illustrating and animating the retro sci-fi pixel art background for their newsroom (sped along below to show you the fun stuff).

pixel-art yellow planet with moon
pixel-art red spaceship and planet
pixel-art green spaceship and planet
pixel-art ufo ship and shooting star

"Pen & Mug delivers. Period. On the creative side they're collaborative, imaginative, multi-talented, and unafraid to try new things. As a business they're prompt, organized, dependable, and super helpful. They're the kind of vendor you wish existed until you find out that they actually do!"

CJ Casciotta

Author, Media Producer, & Creator of Ringbeller

Pen (& Mug) Pals?