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Sugar Fix Café

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Sugar Fix Café is a hot spot right by California State University, Northridge that specializes in hand-crafting the best boba, espresso, and organic teas.

The owners of Sugar Fix connected with us on Instagram, and we hit it off and quickly got to work. They already had a good idea of what they wanted in a logo, and construction on their café space was nearing a close. They asked us to take their "minimal", "beachy" vision for the brand and run with it.

We created a polished visual identity for the café that has since taken the form of stickers, T-shirts, customer loyalty stamp cards, a neon sign, and more!



latte and pastries
Sugar Fix logo pressed into cakes
Sugar Fix logo
Sugar Fix logo pressed into cakes
Sugar Fix logo as a neon sign
Sugar Fix Cafe loyalty punch cards

The Logo

The Sugar Fix team knew from the start that they wanted their logo to depict one of their signature drinks in a clean, linear aesthetic; using a few of logos we'd shared on our Instagram account as style references. We took those initial design ingredients and got to work exploring and experimenting with colors, forms, typography.

We replaced our afternoon coffees with boba teas for a time, and churned out pages of potential logos. After sifting a few gems out of the clutter and bouncing those ideas back-and-forth with the Sugar Fix owners, we landed on this purple, teal and yellow logo that was everything they wanted it to be.

sugar fix drink icon
Screenshot of Sugar Fix logo workboard in Adobe Illustrator
Sugar Fix initial logo concepts
ice cream and coffee beverage
Sugar Fix star burst logo version
Sugar Fix primary main logo
Sugar Fix brand colors and fonts

The Meaning

The final Sugar Fix logo is minimal, but carefully crafted and packed with subtle symbolism. Here's the breakdown:

The foundation of the logo is a drink cup in its simplest form with a wide straw, iconic of boba milk tea. Tri-colored boba is a Sugar Fix specialty, so we used three colors for the brand, and included three pearls of boba at the bottom of the cup. We took some liberty with those colors — tri-colored boba pearls are black, red and orange, so we exchanged those for three brighter, friendlier colors that better fit this SoCal cafe’s beachy atmosphere. You’ll also get a sense of their coastal vibe from the wave of liquid at the top of the cup, and a floating scoop of vanilla ice cream that resembles the sun.

barista in Sugar Fix tee
specialty beverage in Sugar Fix cup
another specialty beverage in Sugar Fix cup
Sugar Fix logo printed on a coconut
waffle wrapped in Sugar Fix branded paper

"When I came across Pen & Mug on Instagram, I knew right away that Austin was the logo artist for our cafe. I loved his style, his design personality, and his general artistic vibes. I described to him what I had envisioned, and he brought everything to life! The experience exceeded all of our expectations! Every day people tell us how much they love our logo, and we couldn't be happier with our choice to work with Pen & Mug!"

Katrina Yuille

Co-Founder, Sugar Fix Cafe

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