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MAR 2020

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To medical professionals around the globe working overtime to keep their communities healthy, safe and calm, thank you.

To everyone staying home to #flattenthecurve of COVID-19 whether or not you are personally at high risk, thank you.

To the first responders, electrical service workers, police officers, firefighters, public servants, and volunteers still working on tornado relief efforts in middle Tennessee, thank you.

To everyone supporting their neighbors and family members in tangible and/or emotional ways, thank you.

To anyone who has shared a meal, a couple rolls of toilet paper, or some other needed supply, thank you.

To the delivery drivers who bring us both important supplies and boxes of fun, thank you.

To everyone posting/sharing encouragement online, thank you.

To professional athletes who are helping support people out of work in their stadiums and cities, thank you.

To everyone finding tactful ways of uplifting us and making us laugh, thank you.

To every person and pet who makes quarantine and social distance a little more fun and a little less scary, thank you.

To all the businesses, entertainers and late night show hosts finding new ways to operate in uncertain times, thank you.

To the businesses and individuals who happen to profit during these times who then turn and use that boost in sales to help others as well, thank you.

To the IT/tech support workers helping us all get set up with new video conferencing systems, thank you.

To everyone doing their part to move forward without leaving anyone behind, thank you.

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