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NOV 2019

Pen & Mug

Jeremy Davis

Meet Jeremy, the web developer half of the Pen & Mug duo.

Q – Lightning-fast life story: GO!

A – Jacksonville, Florida -> Houston, Texas -> Nashville, TN. Went to Belmont, got a business degree, then decided to learn to code to build websites about a year later, which I’ve been doing ever since.

Q – A "dream project" would be...?

A – Really anything creative and different from the norm that lets me try new things. Or anything related to sports or gaming would be really fun.

Q – What is your favorite thing to see on a website?

A – If a website makes it easy to find the content I’m looking for and looks good on all my devices, I’ll be happy with it.

Q – What are you up to when you're not coding?

A – Watching sports, reading, or hanging out with my awesome wife and dog.

Q – What have you read recently?

A – Favorite books I’ve finished so far this year are:

Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis and Austin Schulenburg

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