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The NashVilla

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The NashVilla is a luxury Bed & Breakfast that has got to be the coolest house in Nashville. From the atmosphere and amenities to the two working recording studios and a backyard to match, this place is somehow luxuriously comfortable and creatively electrifying all at once.

We linked up with the NashVilla team early in the process of creating this business, around the time that renovations to the house were just finishing up. The team had the property and the business name, and brought us on to take it from there and build the visual brand identity, website, merchandise, and more.

We started with some conversation and exploration around what the brand vibe should be. Who will stay here? (Musicians and music lovers.) What type of experience should people expect? (All the comforts and conveniences of a newly-renovated house, plus the privacy and simple joys of a B&B.) What will the house stand for that is larger than itself? (Among other things: Music. Celebrating it, sharing it, and honoring the fine folks who create it.)


With all this and few of our own experiences hanging out in the house, we started noodling around with some initial ideas for a logo and a color palette to match the house's unique balance of Americana and modern vibes.

The logo idea that rose to the top was a traveling musician, a guitar-weilding cowboy, in a clean, bold style. So we threw our sketch into Adobe Illustrator and got to work ironing out every. last. detail:

A cluttered Adobe Illustrator artboard full of slightly different variations on the cowboy logo
the NashVilla main logo
the stylized cowboy hat pulled from the NashVilla cowboy logo

Adding to the layers of symbolism, this little "hat" shape also happens to be a musical symbol for "rest" – precisely what the NashVilla offers to its guests. How 'bout that.

The NashVilla cowboy is one of our favorite logos we've ever made to date – but it was just the beginning of a whole lot more. We created a custom icon set, a system of colors and patterns, postcards, a welcome letter for guests, logo variations, merchandise, drinkware, business cards, and a made-from-scratch website (still in progress)... and we've got even more in the works.

We can't wait to share everything with you as the NashVilla continues to evolve, and we hope you're excited to book a few nights and hang your hat at this one-of-a-kind Music City treasure.

custom icons: a horse tied to a stake to represent free parking
custom icons: a key shaped like a guitar to represent easy access
custom icons: a wine glass and bowl of food to represent the stocked kitchen
custom icons: a coat rack with the cowboy's hat on it and a guitar leaning against it
custom icons: a mug of piping hot coffee to represent the coffee and wifi provided
custom icons: three luggage bags to represent checkout
NashVilla post cards
a welcome booklet that gives guests the lay of the land
leather patch hats with the NashVilla logo on the patch
NashVilla business cards that read 'hang your hat here' on the back
The NashVilla website shown on a mobile device
Close-up of a warm, welcoming fireplace in the NashVilla's main room
a photo of the NashVilla from the curb
overhead photo of the NashVilla's large back yard with a fire pit, water features, and a picnic table that form the shape of a guitar
photo of a lovely couch on the house's back deck
interior shot of one of the bedrooms
interior shot of a very modern-looking bar
interior shot of a beautiful bathtub and shower
another musical symbol for 'rest'

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